About Us

Adam Kostopoulos
Product Manager

Who We Are

ConventionSuite started as a solution co-built with one of our customers who wanted a solution to power their exhibitor ordering systems. Since then we’ve branched in to serving other areas of the events world with project-based solutions for Exhibit Houses and Experiential Marketers and solutions around managing large Venues and Arenas.

Our Vision

To be the premier events-oriented cloud-based ERP solution. Designed to meet the ever-changing demands.

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance business growth of our customers with technology. We are commitment to industry innovation and total customer satisfaction creates success for you and our company.

What Makes Us Different?

All-In-One Event Platform

A cloud-base solution that offers sales, projects and events, back-end finance functionalities in one suite.

Built For Your Business

ConventionSuite was developed with our industry customers and industry needs in mind.

Focusing On Customer Success

On-going support and new feature development ensures you stay competitive.

Why Choose Us

We have highly skilled engineers with excellent technical knowledge and experience in using latest software standards, tools, platforms, frameworks and technologies.

Your business evolves over time, so should your solution. Customize any screen, field, tab at any time and build views unique to a role or user’s needs. Thanks to ConventionSuite’s design these changes are immune to version lock as new versions are released.  

We are agile and ready to align based on project specificity, so our partners needs are always met with quality and best resources. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of our the most frequently asked questions.

Software is a major investment of both time and money for any organization. Due dillgence in the selection process pays off in the long run.

Single-source systems and flexibility. In the long run, your business will change and adapt, especially as you look to grow. Look for solutions that aren’t hardcoded, require complex integrations to accounting systems or other solutions, and will allow for configurable fields, workflows, and dashboards.

With ConventionSuite you will have a dedicated account manager and support team to support your business on the all-in-one platform.

As part of the implementation process, the ConventionSuite on-boarding team will train your teams on best-practice workflows around all business process areas. All users have access to a library of self-help articles and videos integrated directly in to the application screens.

ConventionSuite allows for infinite configuration via configurable fields, workflow, dashboarding and on-platform reporting, and business intelligence. All of these tools are configurable without writing any custom code.

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