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By utilizing a single, comprehensive event management software solution, your tasks are streamlined. ConventionSuite offers an end-to-end software solution, boasting features such as exhibitor registration, accounting & reporting, advanced analytics, automated messaging, and much more.  

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Control every aspect of a job from a single dashboard.

ConventionSuite simplifies the process for attendees to engage with sponsors and exhibitors, streamlining exhibitions, trade shows, and sales management through an all-in-one software solution. Our customizable portal ensures easy access to information for your entire show management team and exhibitors. Exhibitors can access their personalized dashboard, containing all necessary information and tasks to prepare for your event.   

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Streamline exhibit program management and optimize operations effortlessly.

ConventionSuite stands out as the sole cloud-based application exclusively designed for the convention, exposition, and trade show sector. Built on the #1 cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, ConventionSuite gives your organization the ability to break down silos and share information between: 

Exhibit Houses and Experiential Marketers Management Software

AI Capabilities:
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NetSuite AI leverages data and automation features within the suite to handle repetitive tasks, enhancing precision, accelerating workflows, and enabling employees to dedicate their attention to other tasks.   

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